NSLI-Y Group Visited Shanghai Zhen Hua Foreign Trade Professional School (Part 1)

On August 2nd, the NSLI-Y group was invited to visit Shanghai Zhen Hua Foreign Trade Professional School (Zhen Hua School) located in Pudong District. Faculties and students from the School prepared an unique party for the students to experience lives in a Shanghai professional school.

Shanghai Zhen Hua Foreign Trade Professional School was established in 1985 and is a State-recognized Key School in the midst of the top secondary schools in Shanghai.The school offer classes in 16 majors and specialized fields. Now the school has enrolled near 3,800 students in 85 classes with 190 faculties and staff.

NSLI-Y students visited Zhen Hua School

Principal of Zhen Hua school, Mr. Yangxing Chen used to go to school together with and is an old friend of NSLI-Y’s director, Dr. Jianguo Chen. He planned the NSLI-Y group’s visit very thoughtfully. At 10:00 AM, the program officially kicked off in the Multipurpose Room of the school. Principal Chen made welcome speech and expressed his hope for more exchange programs between Chinese and American students like this in the future. Dr. Chen introduced the NSLI-Y program to Zhen Hua’s faculty and staff. Student representative Brydon spoke in Chinese to express appreciation to Zhen Hua School.

Principal of Zhen Hua School, Mr. Yangxing Chen, welcomed NSLI-Y students.

Dr. Chen, NSLI-Y Diector and Prof. Wang, Chinese teacher and life support coordinator, introduced NSLI-Y to Zhen Hua’s faculty and staff.

Student representative Brydon spoke in Chinese at the beginning of the program.

The theme of the program is “Taste of China”. On the big screen a recent popular documentary in China “A Bite of China” is playing. Two faculty members of Zhen Hua School introduced two famous dished in Chinese cuisine to all students in English: Yangzhou Fried Rice and Dongpo Pork. At first glance it seems both dishes are really simple. However they both have hundreds years of history and were created by famous historical figures.

Yangzhou Fried Rice was originated more than 1,400 years ago in Sui Dynasty. It is said that Duke Yang Su, a powerful general in the Chu Region really liked fried rice with eggs, bacons and vegetables. Emperor Yang of Sui later brought the dish to City of Yangzhou when he was inspecting the region. Later on various of recipes of the fried rice were developed and Yangzhou Fried Rice became a popular dish and a trademark for Yangzhou.

Zhen Hua’s teacher introduced the history and recipe of Yangzhou Fried Rice

Dongpo Pork was named after Su Dongpo, a renowned artist and writer in Song Dynasty 950 years ago. Su invented the dish and it was also his personal favorite. From stories of the two dishes students got an idea of the rich history and characteristics of Chinese cuisine and food culture. Learning about the stories also make the tasting of food more fun.

Zhen Hua’s teacher introduced the history and receipe of Dongpo Pork

Next, teachers from Zhen Hua School demonstrated food carving and baking techniques. They made phoenix, gold fishes, peaches out of flour and vegetables. The food looked so vivid and exquisite! Students wanted to try themselves after watching the demonstration too. Tim, Jay and Megan made some really nice “gold fishes” using flour! Lastly, they got to taste the food. Zhen Hua School prepared 24 dishes for students. It was just an incredible feast for them!

Amazing food carving demonstration by Zhen Hua’s teachers.

A Phoenix made out of radish and carrots

Beautiful Phoenix dish made out of vegetables.

Gold fish dumplings

Tim and Jay are so proud of the gold fish dumplings they made out from scratch.

Megan and Tim are really good at making the gold fish dumplings.

Zhen Hua School provided a feast for NSLI-Y students.

(To be continued)