NSLI-Y Group Visited Shanghai Zhen Hua Foreign Trade Professional School (Part 2)

(Continued from part 1) After lunch it was the culture exchange program. A teacher from Zhen Hua School demonstrated Chinese painting. The teacher finished a beautiful painting of lotus and presented to NSLI-Y as a gift. In the previous day Jake just learned how to paint orchid so he volunteered to paint. His Chinese painting performance was a highlight of the day and he painted an orchid as a culture exchange gift for Zhen Hua School in return.

Students watch teacher from Zhen Hua School demonstrating Chinese painting.

Zhen Hua Principal gives the painting to Dr. Chen as a gift to NSLI-Y.

Jake painted an orchid as an exchange gift from NSLI-Y to Zhen Hua School

Next it was a game session – I play and you guess. Participants paired up for the game. First a word would show up on the big screen. One participant facing the screen would use gesture and/or posture to describe the word without saying it out. The other participant with back to the screen would guess what word his or her partner was acting upon. Team who guessed the most words won. The challenging part of the game was the interpretation of both English and Chinese words. Sometimes students knew what their partners were doing in English but could not describe it in Chinese. However it was really fun. In the end, winners of the game received two paintings from the teachers of Zhen Hua School as prizes.

Students are having fun playing the game “I play and you guess”.

You play and I guess

Winners of the team who guessed the most word got a painting as souvenir.

Another winning team.

After game it was free play time and NSLI-Y students showed off their talents. Megan sang a Chinese nursery rhyme “Little Bunny” and it was really good. Next Nicky performed a popular Chinese song “The Mouse loves Rice”. Later Twelve students performed Taiji together. The NSLI-Y students only have taken less than six hours’ Taiji class but their performances were just like they’ve been praccting Taiji for long time.

Students perform group Taiji after only six hours of practice.

Taiji performance.

Last but not least, it was a reflection session. Delmar and Lauren talked about their experience with NSLI-Y in China in English. Rohan specifically talked about what he felt about China and this experience.

Around 3:00PM, the culture exchange program ended with a group picture on Zhen Hui campus. All students enjoyed the day.

(The end)