NSLI-Y Students Learned to Paint Orchids the Chinese Way

In the afternoon on August 1st, in the Chinese culture class, Professor Naishu Sun from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts at Fudan University taught students how to paint orchids the Chinese way – using brush and ink.

First Professor Sun introduced the differences between Chinese paintings and its Western counterparts. Besides different materials used for painting, the most significant aspect that differentiates Chinese painting from Western style is the concept behind it: Western paints emphasize on vivid and true-to-fact interpretation of the objects, while Chinese painting focuses on spiritual resemblance of the objects and a “freehand” way of interpretation.

Next, Professor Sun introduced the “Four Treasures of the Study” in Chinese culture and demonstrated the use of the “four treasures” in painting Chinese orchids. Students followed Professor Sun to paint orchids and they did great jobs. The paintings by Emma and Johanna even got appraises from Professor Sun for the idea of “spiritual resemblance”. It seemed many students have grasped the essence of Chinese painting. It was amazing. The group held their paintings and took pictures with Professor Sun.

Dr. Chen and Prof. Sun from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts introduced Chinese painting to students.

Students watch Prof. Sun paint.

Emma’s and Johanna’s paintings were ones of those selected by Prof. Sun from all students’ paintings.

Jake’s orchid is a good one too.

A super genius artistic group!