US-China Student Forum

The US-China Student Forum is a joint global project between the University of Delaware, East China Normal University, and Xiamen University. The forum aims to advance cross-cultural cooperation, increase understanding and inclusiveness, and promote exchanges between students in both countries. The ultimate objective is to initiate dialogue across the Chinese and American cultures and deepen friendship between the two great countries.

The two-week program in 2014 (April 28-May 9) consists of ten delegates from China (selected from ECNU and Xiamen) and ten delegates from UD (selected from various colleges). This year’s theme is: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Humanities. By studying a variety of topics of social and cultural significance, the forum discusses and debates the status of the humanities in the educational systems in China and the U.S., the importance of humanistic study in our increasingly technological workplaces, and the role of humanities education in an open society.

Schedule of the two-week forum in 2014


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