What I have learned from the culture

By Eric H.

The NSLI-Y program has helped me very much in getting to know the Chinese culture better. This program greatly immersed me in the Chinese culture which I had little knowledge about. This greatly enriched me learning and understanding and it really opened my eyes. It made me look at different races through a different perspective. Doing that made me really happy about that.

We had the home stay with a Chinese family which really helped me understand the way a Chinese family lives and interacts in their city and their surroundings. Some families are very upset being only able to have one child many would love to have more than one child. That made me realizes that in a sense that I am lucky to have siblings and have a family. It made me realize how serious china’s population problem is. Also the way the government has to really enforce that law so that they do not have any serious food shortages or any other serious problems that can harm people and the country.

This seriously made me learn about the difference between the U.S and Chinese meals. Chinese food is very good! The Chinese culture made me realize that you can really make a lot of meals out of different materials that are very good. It shows how every dish has history and a story behind it. There is always room for a new story or new dish.

This trip has program has helped improved my language. I realized ShangHai and all of china has a lot of history and culture. It is more than century old and has history behind each building, dish, and people. There is still much more to learn and always room to improve my language. I am very happy to apart of this program and be able to share this experience with many people.

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