Shanghai Expedition by Brydon Q.

Article by Brydon Qualls-Thomas (郭皓诚)

The first stop on our journey today was the Shanghai museum. At the Shanghai museum, there were many, many exhibits available for perusing at one’s leisure pace. Examples of these exhibits include the following: China’s minorities and their customs, Chinese traditional furniture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese jade ceramics, and many more. These exhibits show the diversity in cultural aspects that are present in not only Shanghai but all of China. The most interesting exhibit of this museum was the exhibit that introduced all of the ethnic minorities. Because it showed all of the traditional clothing of each ethnic minority, I could visualize how many different minorities there are.

The second stop on our journey was Shanghai Urban Development Planning Center. This was one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited. There was a rotating gold sculpture of Shanghai’s Pudong and it was very beautiful (right picture). The picture featured below on the left is the area in Shanghai where the tallest towers are located and a few are still under construction. This small arena allowed one to view the entire city both during the day and at night. It was an amazing sight to see.

The third and final visit was at the Shanghai Art Museum. This was by far the most calm and tranquil environment for a museum. There were many different pieces of artwork that allowed one to view many different aspects of traditional Chinese culture. An example of this is the drawings of mythical features like the phoenix and the dragon. There were also many interesting pictorial stories which were very challenging to interpret.

Overall, today’s adventure was one of the most fun, interesting and eye-opening experiences I’ve had ever. Since this is my first time in China, I had no idea how much art China has and how much progress China is making in the development of the city of Shanghai.

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  1. Brydon, An amazing trip for an amazing young man. I loved reading this blog and was especially excited to read your report. I am proud of you. Love, Auntie Carol

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