My Day on July 4th by David B.

Article by David Bangs

Today, we took our first excursion into Shanghai. After our daily delicious meal, we headed off at 9am. First we went to the Shanghai Museum. Located next to the People’s Square, the Shanghai Museum contained many wonderful pieces such as calligraphy, ancient Shang dings, and currency from not only China, but also the Silk Road. I highly enjoyed this museum.

After that, we had the chance to explore the Shanghai Urban Planning Center. This exhibit showed the plans for the future of Shanghai, and was very impressive. I also enjoyed the air conditioning, given the 100+ degree weather.

Next was another delicious chinese lunch, followed by a visit to Shanghai’s Art Museum. The art there was spectacular and I truly enjoyed viewing it. Finally, we went out to dinner, which I also loved. I was so happy with my day.

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  1. Nice writing. Have fun in Shanghai.

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