July 4th in Shanghai by Ali H.

Article by Ali Harwood

Today, the 4th of July was super fun! I had an amazing time! We woke up at 7:00am to get ready for the day and had a great breakfast at our regular place across from our dorms. My favorite breakfast item was our jiaozi (dumplings). Then we left for or first museum, Shanghai Museum. It was super interesting, and my little group with David and Phoebe saw the Jade exhibit as well as the Curency and Furniture exhibits. I was really interested by the super intricate details of the furniture that we saw! Also, some of the beds were super small, just showing one of the differences between traditional American and Chinese furniture. All of it was very ornate. We then left for the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, in which we saw a 3D movie about the developing Shanghai! It was really cool and interesting to see how it will look in a few years and what the plan for the city is! Lunch was probably the best meal I have had in China thus far! There were some great bean curd dumplings and we had rice and watermelon as well! I loved to get the fruit because I have been missing it a lot! After lunch we left for the Shanghai Art Musuem, which was probably my favorite stop! It had a lot of really cool modern as well as traditional art. I got a few postcards for my family and then we left for an ice cream break – also a big treat! The Bund was our last stop, at which we walked around. Though there wasn’t much to do, the view was awesome and it was really funny to see so many locals stopping to take pictures with us! The bus ride to dinner was really fun because we all sung songs together! It was super fun! Next was dinner and then we left for home again. Now it’s time for homework and studying for tomorow’s quiz in Dr. Chen’s class. It was a busy but super fun day!

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