July 4th in China by Julie N.

Article by Julie Novick-Lederer

In order to celebrate the United State’s Independence Day on July 4, the 2012 UD NSLIY-China group first visited the Shanghai Art Gallery. There, different groups visited a variety of exhibits including furniture, jade, calligraphy, stamp, sculpture, painting, and pottery. The most interesting part was the furniture exhibit because the museum essentially recreated rooms that replicate the rooms used by Chinese people in the past. I was also intrigued because I was able to see the types of surroundings people lived in the past. The other rooms were also filled with interesting items that gave use insight on China’s rich culture and history. Especially in a country that is very focused on the growth of the nation as a whole, it was intriguing to see the artists’ individuality through their work.

After going to the Shanghai Art Gallery, we went to the Shanghai City and Planning Center Exhibition. This museum was much more interactive and captured how western and modern Shanghai has become. There was a miniature model of the entire city that lit up, showing the new infrastructure and layout. We also watched a 360 degree animated video on Shanghai’s development, which gave us a tour of the entire city from a bird’s eye view. The rest of the museum had activities and different exhibits that taught us more about the new city.

From there, we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant and then made our way to another art museum. The second museum contained a lot of paintings and calligraphy, rather than the sculptures that we saw at the Shanghai Art Gallery. We really enjoyed seeing the different works of art. On some walls, there were various variation of the same painting put up next to each other. I liked seeing the similarities and differences between the paintings and how they become almost like one large painting as the final product.

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