First Day at Host Family – by Zach R


I moved to my host family on July 10th. There are four people in the family: uncle, aunt, an older brother and his wife. My brother is thirty years old and works. Uncle and aunt are both retired.

Yesterday I went shopping with uncle in the morning. I bought a plum syrup drink and it was very good. We went back home for lunch after shopping. I had some really good dumplings and watermelon. Then I took a rest, read a little bit and learned some Chinese.

Aunt is very happy that I come to live with them. She does not speak English. But I can understand her Shanghai dialect. It is funny when she speaks my Chinese name. It should be pronounced as “ze”, but she says it as “zhi”.

They explain to me when they think that I can’t understand her.But I know what they are talking about. Aunt and I prepared the dinner together. She told me how to cook in Chinese. I was very happy because finally I can understand her.

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