First Day at Host Family – by Rohan D.


I went to my host family in Shanghai on July 10th. There are three people in the family. My mom’s name is Wang Fenmei and she is an engineer and works from 9am to 6pm. My younger brother’s name is Liu Junye and he is twelve. He plays table tennis and basketball with his friends. Both of us play the piano. Now we live in an apartment on the fifth floor of the building. We had noodles and watermelon for lunch. Then we walked to a neighborhood park and went shopping then. My brother took me to play table tennis at 5. He plays a little bit better than me. We went back home at 6 and had a lot of dumplings for dinner. I told my mom that I don’t eat meat. Then I took a bath because it was a really hot and humid summer day in Shanghai.

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