First Day at Host Family – by Jake D.


There are four people in my host family: grandpa, dad, mom and an older brother. Mom cooked lunch for me. I had some cold noodles for lunch. It tasted really good. After lunch, my Chinese brother took me swimming. It was fun. We took the subway home. It was not far. After we got back home, we had dinner togetehr. My mom cooks very good Chinese food. There were a lot of dishes for dinner. I had chicken, beaf and vegetables. I like beaf the most and ate a lot! After dinner we chatted a little bit. Then I went to my room and called my classmates and parents in the US. Then I listened to some music and read a book. I went to bed after reading. I didn’t sleep well so I feel really tired today. This morning we had buns for breakfast. Mom’s buns taste much better than those I had in ECNU. After breakfast I went to the Chinese class.

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