NSLIY Students moved in with Host families on July 26

The waiting was finally over – Students moved in with their host families today (July 26). It was a much-anticipated event, opened by some introductory remarks by Dr. Chen, followed by some words of gratitude from Aditya, an excellent piano performance by Tyler, and a graceful Xingjia folkd dance performance by the members of Intermediate Class. Although the students were a bit sad to be separating from the roommates and classmates they have grown so close with over the past three weeks, they were extremely excited to finally meet their Chinese families, with whom they will live for the next two weeks, during which time they would have the opportunity to experience on a first-hand basis the life lived by ordinary Chinese people. The host families prepared a variety of foods and planned a variety of activities for their new American sons and daughters. Some students made dumplings with their families; others played games with their host siblings; and others still went out shopping or for a walk around the neighborhood. Tomorrow is sure to be an interesting day as students recount their experiences from their first nights with their host families.

Together with the Homestay families.

Preston and Christian each ready to move into their own homestay families.

Helen with her host family.

Ella was making dumplings.

Together with her homestay family, Duc (Lilly) was rendering community service in a local community.

Esha and Kobayashi were practicing Taiji with their own homestay families.

Terri was practicing Chinese with his homestay younger brother.

Rocco was teaching English to his homestay younger brother.

Preston was learning to cook Chinese food.