NSLIY students serve the community on July 20

Once again, our student ambassadors undertook a community service project at the university’s grounds: maintaining a clean environment at the Nanguang Cafeteria. Serving as a place to connect with local students, practice Mandarin while ordering food, and enjoying the meals, the Nanguang Cafeteria benefitted from the students’ efforts to bring it up to a spotless condition. Everyone either wiped the tables or mopped the floors, ensuring the next day’s cafeteria users would enjoy their meals in a tidy establishment. We have begun to consider Xiamen University as our temporary home, making this service our way of appreciating its welcoming embrace.

Students provide service at Xiamen University.

The UDNSLIY students also went around on campus to help straighten up the fallen bikes to make campus look more orderly. Instantly, they (donned in the NSLIY blue T-shirts) became the center of attention on campus, drawing rounds of applause from the Xiamen University campus community.

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