Fun Interest Group Activities (Part II)

Claire Epstein and Timothy Obiso

Yesterday we did several fun activities with our buddies from the local high school. First, we introduced ourselves and got to know our buddies in smaller groups. This involved each person saying their English then Chinese name and doing a quirky dance move for the next players to remember then repeat. Next, we split into even smaller groups and competed against each other to see who could remember everyone’s special dance move first. We had a lot of fun throughout this game.

Then, we recombined the smaller groups into just two and began to play The Human Knot. Whichever group untangled arms first won. It took a lot of teamwork and communication to complete this activity, but eventually we all untangled and shared laughter because of how ridiculous some of us looked while dancing. Finally, we all got together for one last game. This involved everyone forming in a circle, putting our hands on the next person’s shoulders, and testing our balance by sitting on the person’s lap behind us.

Participating in these activities gave everyone an opportunity to share laughter while getting to know each other. We all have made a lot of new friends and practiced our Chinese!