A Day of My UDNSLIY at Xiamen

By  Alex Banaszak

Today marked the second day of regular classes for us and although most of us were up early due to a thunderstorm, we were all excited and full of energy. After another delicious breakfast we split into our three separate classes (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced-low) to begin our second day of Chinese studies. The three hours were grueling and difficult but felt extremely rewarding due to how much we learned in just a single class! In the advanced class we even managed (with some difficulty) to have a debate about public transportation in China. After the morning session was done we headed back to our dorms and the cafeteria for a break before afternoon classes started.

We enjoyed another great lunch before we headed back to listen to a lecture from Dr. Chen where we learned about the geography and people of modern China. After the lecture we split into our interest groups of calligraphy and Xinjiang dancing. In the calligraphy class we all struggled to write a line correct but had a bunch of fun struggling the difficulty. After that we met with our tutors again to go over what we learned this morning and to prepare for what we will cover in tomorrow’s class. In our tutoring session we had discussion not just about the class work but also about our lives and how to use Chinese to describe it. All in all, today was another fun and exhausting day and we all are looking forward to the rest of our time in China.