Pre-Departure Orientation – June 30, 2016

Today our NSLI-Y students took part in their Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO). They spent the day going over all aspects of this summer’s NSLI-Y program, from rules and regulations, to language classes, to extracurricular activities, as well as taking a placement exam for their language classes. The students also spent time getting to know each other better by forming teams and participating in bonding activities such as charades.
the 2016 UDNSLIY PDO photo

During a pre-recorded video presentation by Dr. Carol Radomski from the US Department of State, the students discussed within their teams such aspects of the NSLI-Y program as the importance of language learning and what it means to be a student ambassador. Students also heard presentations from NSLI-Y alumni, who described their favorite things about NSLI-Y and how the program has impacted their lives.

2016 UDNSLIY PDO photo 2 2016 UDNSLIY PDO photo 6

One parent who attended PDO was excited about his son’s participation in NSLI-Y. He expressed his trust for the program director and staff and that he was impressed with the detailed preparation that has gone into implementing the summer NSLI-Y program. In addition, one student, Camille (陆可梦), had this to say about her PDO experience: “I could enjoy the time the faculty and administration put into program preparation. At first, we all had breakfast and met all the program administrators; we went over the program expectations (from both the students and faculty). Although we were in the meeting nearly all day, it wasn’t bothersome just because it was so well balanced with fun bonding activities. They showed us some very inspiring and motivating videos from Foreign Service Officers and past participants… Afterwards, we went through the guidelines and student code of conduct word for word, but what I appreciated was how the director was very honest and straightforward about why the rules were written and what the negative consequences were when past participants violated said rules. I really appreciated how genuine everyone is being and how the administration is supportive of all of our goals. I know they will push me just as hard as I push myself so that I can reach my full potential and that’s something I look forward to.”

Overall, this summer’s UD-NSLIY PDO was, according to the participants, “very informative, effective, very helpful and well-organized for all involved.” We are very much looking forward to working with each and every one of these students this summer!