UDNSLIY Day 24 July 25

Yesterday the group participated in a very special culture class. Mr. Wei Sidong, a renowned traditional Chinese painter, came to share his craft with the students. He began his lecture with a demonstration, needing only six minutes to paint a beautiful picture of bamboo, a piece of artwork now coveted by many students. Mr. Wei then went on to teach some basics about the development and process of Chinese painting and to help the students paint their own masterpieces; he taught them to paint shrimp in the style of famous Chinese painter Qi Baishi. At the end of the class, Mr. Wei presented each student, teacher, and chaperon with books about his Chinese paintings, even taking the time to autograph the books for those who asked. He also awarded a book of his poetry to Matthew, whose painting he judged as being particularly outstanding. All the students can definitely be proud of themselves today, as they really took this opportunity to show off their artistic talent!

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