UDNSLY Day 18 July 19

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Very soon, the students will be making a highly anticipated next step in their NSLI-Y journey: moving into their homestay families! On Friday evening, local families will come to welcome each of our students into their homes for two weeks. In preparation for this exciting experience, the students have been dividing into their teams each morning for E-portfolio discussions with their chaperons and director. During these sessions, the students use excerpts from a textbook called Maximizing Study Abroad to explore cultural differences, potential difficult or awkward scenarios, and how to deal with the challenges they may face while interacting with their host families and other local people. These excerpts include real examples of real situations from previous exchange students, allowing the students to consider how they would approach various types of problems or overcome different cultural and linguistic barriers. This morning in particular, students began discussing the differences between personal, cultural, and universal habits. They consulted with each other and evaluated their own views and past experiences, pointing out that not all everyday behaviors can be taken for granted, and that there may sometimes be more to certain choices or actions than meets the eye.



Weekly program faculty and staff meeting, student group leaders invited too