UDNSLIY Day 14 July 15

Time has flown by, and without anybody even realizing it, we’ve already spent nearly two weeks in Xiamen. Therefore, in order to help check up on the linguistic progress they’ve made, each student participated in a mock Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) today. During the mock OPI, the students conversed one-on-one in Chinese with a teacher, a chaperon, or the director. The results of these mock OPIs will be useful for watching how each student progresses throughout the program and for evaluating how the classes and other activities are helping the students learn. It is amazing to see that most of the students have made noticeable progress in their Chinese studies.



Of the many efforts the program faculty and staff have made, together with the program participants is a mingling initiative for the students to make friends with local students and residents. At the Xiamen student cafeteria our students would dine together with them and chat over a meal. This both helps them get to know each other and improve their conversational Chinese. The initiative is welcomed by the students.

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