UD-NSLIY Day 11 July 12, 2016

As part of the NSLI-Y program, students are required to perform community service at their host school or around their host city. So today the students participated in their first Green Drive!

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During this community service activity, the students helped the environment and beautified Xiamen University’s campus by collecting litter around the lake. They were issued gloves and trash bags and worked in teams, competing to collect the most trash within twenty minutes. As the trash bags were small, the students showed real ingenuity, repurposing the discarded boxes, bags, and even water bottles that they found to collect yet more garbage and help their team.

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Some students, in a true competitive spirit, used their Chinese to speak with students, tourists, construction workers, and others to find out if they had trash that needed to be collected. Locals were intrigued to see a group of young Americans bolting around the campus, cleaning up the paths around Hibicus Lake! The “Green Drive” was highly praised by the campus community and became the focus of local attention.

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Later on in the program, students will participate in another Green Drive to continue contributing to the campus community that is hosting us.

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