UDNSLIY Day 8 July 9


It was another interesting day here in Xiamen, China.  We all went to sleep thinking that a “super typhoon” was set to hit us almost dead on, only to wake up finding sprinkling rain and barely any wind.  Despite the scattered showers in the morning, Typhoon Nepartak had clearly dissipated a little bit around our area; however, I can’t speak for the days to come.  In preparation for the worst, an activity we had planned with a local high school had to be rescheduled.  At first, this lowered our spirits, but when we heard that we all got tickets to a piano concert, they were lifted back up again, as we were filled with excitement and intrigue.

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Singing in the rain. Where is Typhoon Nepartak? We only got some scattered showers!

When all of the applicants applied for the NSLIY Scholarship, I’m sure none of us knew about the Xiamen University Annual International Piano Festival.  This two week long celebration of the best pianists the world has to offer was being held within a five-minute walk from our own dorm!  Tonight, renowned pianist Daniel Epstein performed in front of us.  The music was beautiful.  From Bach to Chopin, this man played a handful of different pieces, including two encore performances.  Admittedly, I had no idea who this guy was before the show.  Upon searching the Internet, I found something I didn’t really expect.  Daniel Epstein was a part of the first American orchestra to tour China.  Like all of us, this man is a citizen ambassador, a model American that sets a good example for his or her country when they are overseas.  This was truly an interesting coincidence.

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meet up with Mr.Epstein


Group photo with the renowned pianist Daniel Epstein

After the show, we even got the chance to meet up with Mr. Epstein, take some pictures, and even have him sign some autographs.  He seemed like a really nice guy, and I’m so glad we had the chance to meet him and be entranced by his music.  I feel like we all left the auditorium with a greater appreciation for classical piano as well.  Not even a typhoon can ruin one of our days.