UD NSLIY Day 5 July 6

Another day of exciting UD-NSLIY experience! After breakfast, two groups of students participated in their first “e-portfolio” activity, during which they discussed their feelings, experiences, and impressions from the first few days with each other, as well as the program director and chaperons. Through the e-portfolio, students are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions and receive guidance on how to overcome obstacles they may meet during their study abroad experience.

In addition to the e-portfolio activity, students also participated for the first time in their interest group classes. This week, the students have divided themselves amongst classes for papercutting, brush calligraphy, and pen calligraphy. These interest groups will be an excellent way for students to get hands-on experience with traditional Chinese culture, as well as create artwork and/or learn new skills that they can show off to their family, friends, and communities upon their return home.

Intermedate Chinese class

Intermediate Chinese class

Finally, the students continued attending their language classes and tutoring and Dr. Chen’s lecture course. Today in Dr. Chen’s course, after completing their first quiz, the students learned about the history and culture surrounding the Chinese language, from the development of Chinese characters to China’s myriad regional dialects. They even learned to say a phrase in Xiamen’s local Minnan Dialect! Although we have only been here for a short time, all the students are already enjoying themselves in all their classes and learning a lot; one student remarked that he felt his tutor had already “taught [him] more Chinese than ever.”

attendng a lecture

attending a lecture

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