China Forum Features Traditional Chinese Medicine on Nov. 17, 2015

TCM Lecture Poster FINALThe Confucius Institute cordially invites you to a new “China Forum” lecture on Chinese Medicine on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 on UD campus.

Dr. Jiancheng Zhao (赵建成), Honorary General Director of the Beijing Wanguo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Director of the Difficult-and-Rare-Case Treatment Center, is also a senior adviser and medical practitioner of the Beijing Jian’an Hospital and Beijing Xiaotangshan Chinese Medicine Hospital. Dr. Zhao services the Oncology Division of China Association of Chinese Medicine and is a Professor and Supervisor for Postdoctoral
Research at the Capital Research Institute of Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Dr. Zhao has been practicing Chinese medicine for more than forty years. He has treated and cured numerous difficult and complicated cases. He is specialized in internal medicine, dermatology,gynecology and pediatrics, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

赵建成,北京万国中医医院名誉院长、高级顾问、疑难病科主任,北京首都医科大学附属京城名医馆中医专家,中医主任医师、教授、 博导。早年毕业于河南中医学院医疗系,曾拜段凤舞、余桂清、朱良春、赵清理等先生为师,为京城名医段家的第八代传人。擅长治疗各种肿瘤病 、老年病 、 内外妇儿 杂病、五官科 、皮科肤等疑难杂症。

Please mark your calendar for this lecture:

Date: Tuesday November 17, 2015
Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Location: Memorial Hall 108
Direction and parking info for Memorial Hall:

Light refreshments and beverages will be provided after the event. The event is open to the public for FREE.

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