By Zhengya

July 19,2015

After two and a half weeks of residing only a five minute walk from the picturesque seaside, today we were able to visit one of Xiamen’s renowned beaches. After a morning of testing in our Intermediate 2 class and the Chinese culture/history class in the afternoon, we headed out on a bus for a short drive to one of the best local beaches.  Students were able to enjoy the view, walk along the shore, and joyfully play games such as volleyball and soccer. There were tons of people scattered all over the beach and it was nice to see everyone enjoying their day in the water despite the overcast weather. We everyone truly had a lot of fun on the beach! Even once it began to rain and we had to leave, we were able to enjoy local shops and restaurants across the street from Xiamen University as we had our last night out as a group before moving in with our home stay families tomorrow. After dinner, we came back to the dorms to pack all our things and prepare to meet and move in with our host families tomorrow afternoon. Everyone is very excited to spend the next two weeks immersed in Chinese culture with their new families and practice their Chinese and we all look forward to the new experience.

Wu Laoshi was teaching us in Intermediate 2 Mandarin Class.

Students playing soccer on the beach

I got it!

I am a Kungfu Master!