UD-NSLIY Visits local Professional Training School in Xiamen

On July 28th, the UD-NSLIY participants visited Xiamen Industrial & Commercial Tourism School, a local professional training school equivalent to a high school.

Senior administrators of the school welcomed the NSLI-Y participants and staff. More than twenty students from the school joined the NSLIY group in the campus tour. They visited an experimental shopping center, student counselling center, calligraphy and painting art room and other places in the school. Participants watched demonstrations on how to make local appetizers and enjoyed tea ceremony performances. The NSLI-Y participants even showed off what they learned in the past weeks. They sang Chinese songs and performed dance together. Miss Coly even played an excerpt of the famous Chinese violin concerto “Butterfly Lovers”!

Participants and students in the school took photos in front of an aircraft model on campus before saying goodbye to each other at 5:00pm. It was a fun and engaging day!

Students are enjoying the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Learning the tricks of a tea ceremony.

Students learn to make dumpling skins in the kitchen.

Performances from the NSLI-Y students.

Coly plays the “Butterfly Lovers”. Beautiful violin!

Boys and girls!