UD-NSLIY Learning Through Playing

July 11th, 2014. Today the UD-NSLIY participants had another relaxing yet rewarding afternoon.

1:30-2:30 pm. The students learned one form of martial arts – the Long Fist, aka Chang Quan. Now they looked like real martial arts masters!

Learning Chang Quan, a form of martial arts.

2:35-3:30pm. The Interest Group activities today included Chinese origami and various Chinese chesses, such as Chinese War Chess, Hop Chess, the simplified Game of Go (Weiqi) and etc. Students might choose the activities of their interests. Some of the students even made vivid lotus out of regular paper!

Chinese Hop Chess

The Game of Go (Weiqi).

Chinese War Chess

Beautiful lotus flower made out of paper.

3:35-5:00pm. It’s time for the Chinese tutoring. Volunteers from Xiamen University helped the students review their lessons from the classes in the morning and work on their assignments. (In the following day, more students’ home assignments will be posted. I would say, their Chinese is very good!)

Student tutoring session with a Xiamen University volunteer.

5:05-6:00pm. It’s time for the “buddy activities” with another ten students from the Xiamen School of Information Technology. Today they brought two new games. The first one was called “Woodpeckers in Action”. The player puts a straw in his/her mouth and passes a rubber band with the straw to the next player. The group who can pass the most rubber bands within a given time period wins. Today the first place went to group six, the Thunder Duckys: Christine, Hannah, Anna, William and Jessica.

Woodpeckers in Action.

The second game was called “All As One”. A group of players hold their arms in the back and sit on the floor. As the game starts, the group has to support each other to stand up without letting go anyone’s arms. The fastest group wins. Today group two (Si, Rebecca, Olivia, Kevin, Bradley) and group five (Jake, Coly, Helen, Danielle and Karen) won.

All As One.