UD-NSLIY Learning Outside the Classrooms

July 9th. The NSLIY group visited the Museum of Anthropology of Xiamen University in the afternoon. The Museum is well-known for its special collection on Chinese anthropology, archaeology and ethnography and the first museum of its kind in China. The museum is composed of seven exhibition halls and one corridor of steles and holds more than 6,000 cultural relics in its collection.

Visit the Museum of Anthropology on XMU campus.

Visit the Museum of Anthropology on XMU campus.

Visit the Museum of Anthropology on XMU campus.

After the visit to the museum, the participants also had their first community service activity on campus, the Green Drive. They were each equipped with pairs of gloves and plastic bags. In an hour, the NSLIY group helped Xiamen University clean the campus from their dorms to the famous “Lovers’ Valley”. This activity was planned to call for awareness on environmental preservation.

The Green Drive

Students walked through the campus to raise awareness on cleaner environment.

After the hard work,  the participants had pizza for dinner! It was a treat to all the participants after a few days of Chinese food. Pizza was just right at this moment!

Pizza time!

Today the group also celebrated Karen and Emily’s birthdays. They had a simple birthday party for them. The teachers also prepared traditional “birthday noodles” for the girls. In China, the long strip of noodle is a metaphor for the long walk of life.

The Birthday girls!