UD-NSLIY: Peers and Teams

July 7th. It was a fun day.

1:30 to 2:30 pm. For a group of students who have never learned martial arts before, can you imagine that they could master the Combined Exercise for Five Kinds of Steps within less than an hour? Yes, the UD-NSLIY participants did it! They even performed in front of everyone! The teachers were amazed by their progress. The group will keep practicing the steps to prepare for a performance in an upcoming party with Chinese students of their ages from Xiamen.

Students are learning the Combined Exercise for Five Kinds of Steps.

5:00 to 5:30 pm. It’s time for “Buddy Activities”. Nine students from the Xiamen School of Information Technology joined the participants in several games. The first game they played was called “Never Fallen Forests”. A group of players each held one long stick. Upon hearing the instruction of the judge, they had to connect their sticks to another without letting go the previous ones. It is a game to reinforce teamwork spirit. Group two (Si, Rebecca, Olivia, Kevin and Bradley) and group four (Cliff, Emily, Isaac, Haley and Theo) won the games.

NSLIY participants meet with students of their ages from Xiamen School of Information Technology.

The game of Never Fallen Forest.

Another game was “drumming spirit”. Eight players held a drum at the same time with a ball on top of it. Then the group needed to bounce the ball on the drum together. The team who bounced the ball for the longest time would win. Today the winner team is group one (Daniel, Thomas, Carter, Angela and Valeri). They won themselves 3 points on their “Striving to Excellence” competition.

The game of Drumming Spirit.

The game of Drumming Spirit.

After dinner, some students went to a romantic place on the campus of Xiamen University, “Lover’ Valley”, for a walk with Mrs. Wang and Ms. Fu. In a few days there will be some activities planned for the students there. More to come and stay tuned.

A walk at the Lovers’ Valley on campus after sunset.