NSLI-Y Student Writings: Experiencing China (Part 1)

The NSLI-Y group’s China experience is approaching to the end. What did the students see? What did they hear? Did the trip inspire them to look at China from a different perspective? What culture elements do they think the most interesting? Let’s hear what they say.

Rohan D: An Eye Opener: Western Misconceptions of China

“Ever since I have arrived in China, every day has been an eye-opener. Through a combination of lectures from my teachers and my experiences with real Chinese society, I have come to the conclusion that the western world doesn’t have an accurate representation of Chinese culture and society.” [Read more….]

Johanna N.L: Learning Chinese Painting

“We painted orchids, beginning with a more simple, practice orchid, and then moving onto a more challenging piece. It was amazing to see that this talent that looks so easy, and these paintings—even ones that look so simple—actually require a tremendous amount of skill and practice. ” [Read more…]

Phoebe N.: China Through A Lens

“This despair is a different kind of beauty. A beauty I rarely see in America and a beauty that defines China for me. Even though China is a rich country with poor people, the people come together in a way which defies their pains.” [Read more…]

 TommyLee E.: Tea in China

“Tea has not only been a useful  addition to Chinese culture but a vital addition giving a new meaning to the importance food culture has on a civilization. Thousands of years ago people drank tea and today we are lucky to enjoy the same amenities.” [Read more…]

 Ryan L.: Cultural Reflection

“…Here in China, it is on such a large and successful scale that not only does it provide a small incentive for the rising middle-class to recycle, but it also allows those who have nothing to create something for themselves, to survive by depending on their own hands and feet. ” [Read more…]

 Jay P.:

“The Chinese people are very happy with their current living situation I think, even though some Americans believe that under Communism rule, the people cannot live freely and comfortably. After I experienced the home stay, I learnt otherwise.” [Read more…]

 Claire L.: 

“Staying with my host family, I learned a lot about the rigorous academic life of an average Chinese student. Talking with my host sister, the differences between the American and Chinese educational system seemed quite extreme.” [Read more…]

Lauren L.:

“The homestay experience was certainly eye opening. I often found myself comparing their lifestyle to my own back in Oklahoma. Many aspects are the same such as importance of family, and the emphasis the parents put on their child’s schoolwork. But some of the biggest contrasts I found were how the family chose to spend their time together, meal preparations, and the overall style and layout of the house. ” [Read more…]

Nicky D.: The Art of Calligraphy

At first I didn’t understand why it was necessary to be able to write one character in so many ways… isn’t normal Chinese hard enough? But then I learned more about the reasons for the different styles. ” [Read more…]

Emma L.: Chinese Art

“…our teacher demonstrated the techniques of Chinese painting. This sealed my understanding of Chinese art work, the way his hands flowed at different rhythms and varied speeds with more pressure or less pressure was amazing. ” [Read more…]