NSLI-Y Student Writings: Experiencing China (Part 2)

NSLI-Y students wrote about their experience and understanding toward China, it’s people, culture, language and many more. See a few more articles from them:

Jake D.: Individuality in China and the U.S.

“Compared to the West, Chinese culture places more value on unity and conformity. Chinese choose to reflect the views of their leaders and ancient traditions rather than their own personal views. Americans on the other hand seek independence, pursuing personal goals above the goals of society. As such, China can be described as a collectivist society, while the U.S. is more individualist.” [Read more…]

Halla B.: Yang Er Fang Lao

“Traditional Chinese culture involves many short sayings that represent ideals of life.  One of these is “yang er fang lao”, or the idea that a family should have many children to take care of the parents in their old age.  ” [Read more…]

Clementine G.: Wu Shu

“Before this trip, I only knew about Kong Fu, which is the Cantonese term Westerners use for Wu Shu. I didn’t know that in the 1960’s, the Chinese government gathered some masters of various styles of martial arts to modernized and synthesized one style so that Wu Shu could be considered a national sport.” [Read more…]

Malin F.My Cross-Cultural Experience in China

“I’ve been taking Chinese language for the past 3 years of high school. I’ve seen Chinese movies and eaten Chinese food. Yet nothing truly prepared me for the reality of living and breathing Chinese culture that I have had the opportunity to discover this summer. Lots of things have shocked me over the course of this trip….” [Read more…]

Brydon Q.: Chinese Calligraphy

“The fact that I had no ink and calligraphy paper hindered me from completed the desired task. Since I have never written Chinese calligraphy, I decided to buy a calligraphy set in China and bring it home to practice at home.” [Read more…]

Delmar T.: My Experience with Chinese Culture

“All throughout my stay in China I’ve seen Chinese people wearing shirts with English words on them, college students playing soccer with Western-brand cleats, American music coming from speakers. The U.S. and China, are miles apart, with amazingly different populations, and histories, but are still just nations, with people that are very much the same. ” [Read more…]

Tim B.: Perceptions of China: The People

 “I originally thought that everywhere I went I would be the stereotypical fat American who eats too much and thinks the world revolves around him, what I found was quite the opposite. The people didn’t make any assumptions about me at all, in fact, they really wanted to get real information about my life. ” [Read more…]

Eric H.: What I have learned from the culture

This program greatly immersed me in the Chinese culture which I had little knowledge about. This greatly enriched me learning and understanding and it really opened my eyes. It made me look at different races through a different perspective. Doing that made me really happy about that.” [Read more…]