NSLI-Y: Role Play: Dine Out in a Chinese Restaurant

On July 14, in their Chinese class, level 2 students presented wonderful role plays: dine out in a Chinese restaurant.

Waiter/Waitress: Jake, Clare Kaixi, Zach, Delmar, Megan
Guests: Tim, Clementine,  David, Yige, Lauren, Emma, Jay, Rohan, Tommy, Jia

Tim and Clementine are ordering food. Jake plays the role of waiter.

Waitress (Clare Kaixi) welcomes guests (David and Chinese buddy Yige Xu) to the restaurant.

Waitress (Clare) gives the menu to guests, and David is ordering food.

Waiter (Zack) ushers guests (Lauren and Emma) in.

Waiter (Delmar) is taking down what guests (Jay and Rohan) have ordered.

Guests (Tommy and TA Fu Jia) have no idea what to eat!
Waitress (Megan): You don’t know what you want to eat? What can I do?