NSLI-Y: Chinese Only Day

In order to create an environment where students can practice their Chinese language skills, there are two days in a week that only Chinese is the language allowed to speak. As part of the “Strive for Excellence” activity, anyone who speaks a language other than Chinese on “Chinese Only Day” will be taken off points. Teachers are aware of the situations when it is too hard for students to find right words in Chinese, so sometimes they may speak English to help, which counts as bonus points to students. This is a good idea since it encourages those students who are too shy to speak Chinese in public to express themselves. Now they are willing to speak Chinese already because this is not only a good practice for themselves, but also a reflection of team spirit. There are also some “spies” within groups, who are assigned by teachers to monitor the use of Chinese language on occasions when teachers are not present. Students all take this seriously as they do not want to jeopardize group performance in case there are real “spies” in the group.

For students it is not hard to speak Chinese, but speak ONLY Chinese on the day. They try very hard to think and speak. It just feels weirdly funny. Students all made fun when someone was caught speaking English. Even Professor Wang was caught speaking English three times on the day, which gave back three bonus points to students. Learning with fun is just something they really enjoy.

Students tried very hard to express themselves in Chinese.

Practice makes learning more effective.

Don't look at me. I am not the "spy". 🙂