NSLIY: Dumplings with the Directors

July 6th, 2012.

Jiaozi” is a traditional Chinese dumplings in Northern China. It is so common in China that almost all Chinese learners have heard about it. Today we got to make our own “jiaozi” with the directors.

Jiaozi” resembles the shape of traditional Chinese gold bullion, which symbolizes personal wealth. Therefore Chinese people enjoy eating “jiaozi” at Chinese New Year, hoping to become richer in the coming year.

There are five steps in making a “jiaozi” – make a flour dough, make dumpling skins, mix minced meat and vegetables (the fillings), make dumplings and finally boil them in hot water. The first three steps are too complicated for the students, so the chefs prepared them already. Nowadays people can buy machine made dumpling skins in grocery stores for easy making of dumplings too. Anyway, the students started from the fourth step – make the dumplings (bao jiao zi). It seemed easy when looking at the professors’ demonstration but it actually was harder as they tried to do it on themselves.The final “jiaozi” products didn’t look close to any gold bullions but more like little rats. Still, it was a fun hands-on practice. Every student made about a dozen “jiaozi”. They might look ugly but tasted really good. Yummy!

Prof. Wang shows students how to make dumplings.

Dr. Tu shows students how to make dumplings.

Students are happily making their own jiaozi.

Eating is happier. (And they can all use chopsticks!)