NSLI-Y Is Back to Shanghai

It was the last day in Beijing for the NSLI-Y group on July 30. Although it was a little bit tired but everyone felt they had learned a lot in the short five-day trip. The experience in Beijing have broadened their knowledge and understanding of China and its history, culture and current situation.

Three students caught cold and had fever during the trip. Dr. Chen was very concerned about them. He asked Ms. Wang and Miss Fu to take care of the sick students in the hotel, and to keep in touch with their parents. Fortunately their illness was not serious; now they are all recovered after the rest.

The high speed train back to Shanghai wouldn’t depart until 4:00pm. So in the morning all students slept late to catch up some much needed rest. From 9:30 to 12:30 the group went shopping at Silk Street Market again. Students not only bought something they liked, they also practiced what they had learned in the class. It just felt satisfying to bargain in Chinese!

At 2:30pm, the group arrived at the train station one and half hour earlier. The train set off on time. This returning train only stopped three times, so the whole trip only took 4 hours and 45 minutes to arrive at Shanghai. We had dinner on the train. Ms. Zhang, Miss Wang and Miss Bao from East China Normal University picked up the group at Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. By 10:00 PM, the group has arrived at the dorms on ECNU campus, where they are going to spend the last two weeks continuing learning Chinese.

This is the head of the high speed train that the group was taking for the Shanghai-Beijing trip.

Students carried bags of souvenirs they bought in Beijing, waiting to be cleared at the train station.

Students arrived at Shanghai safe and sound.