NSLIY Program in Shanghai (Day 2)

July 4

Today we visited Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s residence. Dr. Sun Yat-sen was China’s founding father of the Republic of China. He was born on November 12, 1866. He went to college in Hawaii, and got a degree in chemistry and Christianity. Frustrated about the inaction of the Manchu government, Dr. Sun believed that they weren’t doing enough to protect China against other countries. He also believed that the government was run badly, as it was corrupt. Sun created a organization called the “Revive China Society” to aid in his mission of overthrowing the Manchu government. Sun wrote the “Three People’s Principles” which was a book that encapsulated his ideas about democracy and government. His book gained traction in Japan, but was kicked out of Japan soon after his gained popularity.Sun came back to China during rebellion, and was soon elected president of China, but disagreement with Yuän Shikai caused for him to lose power and force him to leave China.

Sun teamed up with the communist Soviet Union to help him return to power. They utilized their military prowess to help him gain back control. Sun then used the Soviet Union model of a party army for China and finally founded the Republic of China in 1912.

In front of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s residence.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s residence.

NSLIY Program in Shanghai (Day 1)

By Ben Vahradian

July 3, 2018

We started off our day in Shanghai today going to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, a skyscraper symbolic of the city and its rapid modernization. The TV Tower, constructed in 1991, was the first skyscraper to be built in Shanghai, and it kicked off a massive and rapid wave of new skyscrapers in Shanghai in the 1990s and 2000s. While Shanghai throughout its history has always been a major trading port and economic hub, it was in the 90s that Shanghai’s financial district started to grow rapidly into what it is today. Also, from the TV Tower, we could get an amazing view of the other skyscrapers in the surrounding region as well as a great view of the city and a better sense of its immense size.

After going up to an upper level of the tower, we returned to the ground floor where we next went to a museum of the history of Shanghai and its urban transformation. Much of the economic transformation, as well as urbanization that took place in Shanghai, a modern city which in the 20th century became the gateway for Western culture, economics, politics, education, and trade to the rest of the country. It grew to become the economic and cultural capital of China, a status it has retained until today.

Later in the day, we went to Old Shanghai, a bustling marketplace. It was very interesting to see all of the shops and stands on the streets and it was also a cool and experiencing bargaining at the shops, which is something I have never done prior to this. After Old Shanghai, we went to Nanjing Road, a very fancy street with many high-end big name stores that reminded me of Fifth Avenue in New York and reaffirmed the notion that Shanghai is the New York of China. We ended the day at the Bund, where we got an amazing view of the Shanghai skyline at night. Also at the Bund were European style buildings showing the massive European influence in this region of the city. We were all amazed by this modern city!

NSLIY students pose in front of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai TV Station).

In the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

The group visited the Old City of Shanghai.

Old City of Shanghai.

Old City of Shanghai.

UDNSLIY Pre-Departure Orientation on June 29-30, 2018

By Anabelle Mandel

NSLIY-PDO-3On June 29th, 2018, every exhausted but excited student of the National Security Initiative for Youth program safely arrived at the Hilton Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey to begin the 2018 NSLI-Y summer program in Xiamen, China! Beginning at 9:00 am the next morning, the Pre-Departure Orientation was kicked off by Dr. Jianguo Chen, Director of the program, with a detailed overview of the program in China. This included the tentative schedule of the overall program, from the layout of the significant trips to Shanghai and Beijing, all the way to what the basic daily schedule of the students’ lives at Xiamen University will look like. The overview of the program also included important information regarding how the language immersion program will proceed with the students being divided into 3 Chinese courses (elementary, intermediate, and low-advanced levels) and taught from there. Dr. Chen also went over safety rules and the code of conduct expected from every student brought into this prestigious program. All throughout the orientation, Dr. Chen went over his past experiences from earlier years of the program and entertained the students with fascinating stories of previous NSLI-Y students. These stories were not only funny and shocking, but also inspiring to many of the eager and high-achieving students here this summer, who got an insight into how this program can be used as an opportunity to develop their self-confidence and leadership skills.

2017’s program alumni Dennis Rice shared his successful story with the program participants during PDO

Two of the admirable alumni mentioned from the stories, Skyelar Raiti and Dennis Rice, shared their own experiences from a summer in China with NSLI-Y. The event that seemed to be the main focus of both alumni was the last two weeks of the stay in Xiamen: staying with the host family. Both Dennis and Skyelar shared their insights on homestay and advice about how to turn it into a rewarding experience.

After a long day of the program, the Pre-Departure Orientation successfully came to a close. All of us students felt better prepared now and were anxious to start a much anticipated study abroad trip to China. In their participation, the students of the 2018 UDNSLI-Y will do their best in learning Chinese and embracing Chinese culture. A special thanks to not only Dr. Jianguo Chen, Ms. Jinmin Ren, the University of Delaware, and the U.S. Department of State for hosting this amazing program and giving us all a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but also to our parents and guardians for all of the support we have gotten that allowed us to be here today.

All participants posed with Program Director Dr. Jianguo Chen after a day of Pre-Departure Orientation.

After a long flight of about 14 hours, the program arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport safe and sound on the afternoon of July 2. Excited, all the students were anxious to start the program in China and look forward to experience China on first-hand basis.

Bon Voyage! China, here we come!

China Forum Lecture Revisits the Analects of Confucius on May 8

The Confucius Institute cordially invites you to a second China Forum Lecture in Spring featuring Dr. Jianguo Chen, director of the UD Confucius Institute and scholar on Confucius studies to talk his perspective on the wisdom of Confucius.

Dr. Jianguo Chen is an associate professor of Chinese studies and founding director of the Chinese program at the University of Delaware as well as director of the US Department of State’s NSLIY Summer Institute in China. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Chinese and comparative literary studies from the University of California at Davis. His research interests include Chinese cultural studies, Chinese film studies, translation, contemporary Chinese society, modern Chinese literature, the 20th-century Chinese fiction, comparative literature and theory.

Please mark your calendar for the lecture:

Topic: “The Wisdom of Confucius: the Analects of Confucius Revisited”

Speaker: Dr. Jianguo Chen
Date: Tuesday May 8, 2018
Time: 4:30pm
Venue: Kirkbride Hall 004
Direction and parking: http://maps.rdms.udel.edu/map/index.php?id=NW65

Light refreshments and beverages will be provided before the event. The event is Free and Open to the public.