Healthy Hens

The Food & Nutrition Education Lab is excited to partner with UD Student Health Services and the Healthy Hens program to expand nutrition and cooking workshops for students.

For more information on upcoming Healthy Hens workshops, check out their Calendar of Events.

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HEALTHY HENS provides preventative student health screenings, wellness promotion services and a variety of campus-wide-activities and educational outreach efforts that encourage Healthy Exercise Nutrition and Sleep.

  • Identify, educate and assist all students in need of health and wellness services to promote lifestyle change with regard to improving student exercise, nutrition, and sleep
  • Assist you in meeting your personal goals through the support of health-care professionals and peer interactions
  • Foster lifelong healthy behaviors that will aid you in improving self-esteem and body image and chronic disease prevention.

If you have questions or want to request a program, e-mail


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