App Review: Tender and Foodspotting

tender appby Siobahn Kelly

Gadget: Tender
Price: FREE!!
For: iPhone and Android


What is it? Many college students are all too familiar with Tinder, a dating app that allows users to swipe left or right based on their preferences in order to get to know a “match”. Tender, developed by graduate students from the College of Charleston, is a spin-off of Tinder geared towards foodies.

Users can filter by their dietary preferences or restrictions (vegan or lactose-intolerant? No problem!) and are presented with delectable dishes complete with their recipes. By swiping left or right, the recipes can then be stored to your “Cookbook” and organized into folders, making them easily accessible. You can even sync the app with your other social media profiles to share recipes with friends and followers.

This app is perfect for when you want to feel like a domestic goddess (or god) in the kitchen, when you need some food-spiration, or to procrastinate studying just a little longer!

foodspotting app


Gadget: Foodspotting
Price: FREE!!
For: iPhone and Android


What is it? If you’ve ever been exploring a new place and find yourself very, very hungry and wanting to sample (okay, devour) the local cuisine, Foodspotting has got you covered. This app uses your location to provide an expert- and friend-recommended “visual guide to food and where to find it”.1

Instead of reviewing whole restaurants, the app allows you to find and rate specific dishes. As you swipe through various dish options, you can bypass, “love”, “try”, or “want” it. You can even upload photos of the dish through Instagram if you’re #eatingfortheinsta. Other users can then view your review feed to make their own dining decisions.

This app is perfect for travel because it allows you to search by restaurant, dish type, user, or location to maximize your ability to make the best local eating decision when you’re charting unfamiliar territory.


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