Science + Language Intervention Summer Camp

Does your child have a language delay?

If so, they may be eligible to participate in a research study of the effect of delivering language intervention in a science classroom. Researchers at the TELL Lab are currently conducting an NSF-Funded study of how to best help preschool – Kindergarten children with language impairment learn to use academic/literate language. This work is grounded within a science classroom context. We are especially curious about whether learning language skills leads to better science learning.

We are looking for preschool and kindergarten children who speak English as their first language and have language delays or disorders. Children may not have a diagnosis of autism, hearing loss, or cognitive impairment. We are providing speech or language intervention during a Summer Science Camp. 

Who is eligible for this study?

Children who:

  • have a language impairment as their primary diagnosis
  • are 4 to 7 years old
  • are not yet in first grade
  • speak English as their primary language
  • are available for the full 5-week period of the summer camp

What happens during the study?

Children participate in 1-3 screening visits when we first meet with you. We re-check language skills in the spring. If children are eligible for the summer camp, we will ask if you want your child to participate. We meet for 2 – 3 more pre-test visits right before Summer Science Camp, including language and science assessments. Eligible children then attend a half-day Summer Science Camp five days a week for 5 weeks, July 8 – August 9th, 2019. Each day involves science lessons with speech or language intervention delivered during the science instruction, as well as typical school activities like snack and outdoor play. Then, children complete 2 – 3 post-test visits so we can see what they have learned.

Children will be paid between $5-$115 for participating in the study, depending on how many visits you complete.

Where is the study?

For initial screenings, pretesting, and post-testing, we can meet at a place near to you, such as a, library or community center. We can meet at your child’s school or daycare if they allow it. If your child qualifies based on initial testing, they will attend camp in Newark DE, on the University of Delaware campus.

When is the summer camp?

The next Science + Language Camp will run from July 8th to Aug 9th, 2019.

How can I learn more?

Call (302) 831- 7121 or email

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