Artificial Grammar Study

Does your child have a language or reading disorder?

Researchers at the TELL Lab are looking for 7- to 9-year-old children to participate in a study on how different ways of listening to information affects language learning. This study is for children with a language delay, language learning disability, dyslexia, or other language/reading impairments.


What happens during the study?

Children participate in 2-4 visits, including language assessments and exposure to a made-up language. After kids watch videos and listen to sentences to learn the made-up language, they are asked to pick which sentence and video go together and try to talk the language themselves. Children will be paid between $20-$80 for participating in the study, depending on how many visits they complete.

Where is the study?

We can meet at a place near to you, such as a library or community center. We can meet at your child’s school if they agree that we can meet there. We can also see you at the UD STAR Campus if that is more convenient.

How can I learn more?

Call (302) 831-7121 or email

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