Healthcare Theatre is a unique interdisciplinary and interprofessional education program at the University of Delaware that helps healthcare professionals develop communication skills through interactive scenarios presented by theatre students.  With this transformative approach to education, theatre students are trained to portray patients and family members so that health sciences students can practice both technical and interpersonal skills in a safe environment without compromising quality of care.


The University of Delaware offers three unique, technologically advanced, and versatile simulation labs: Critical Care, Maternal-Child, and Medical-Surgical.  Each of these interprofessional teaching and learning spaces help to train future healthcare providers in specific professional clinical competencies as well as in engaging in team-based, collaborative, and patient-centered care delivery.  


The School of Nursing in cooperation with UD Emergency Care Unit and UD Police featured their first Disaster Drill that simulates an explosion in centrally located student center.  Over 100 students and a dozen faculty and staff help to create the mock incident. The goal of the drill is to teach students the basics of triage as students applied their assessment skills and understood the importance of communication and collaboration during an emergency.



The IPE Labs on the fourth floor of the Tower at STAR are incredible, dynamic and versatile spaces. Most notably, the spaces are utilized for healthcare-oriented simulations that feature not only state-of-the-art human patient simulators (HPS) and wearable tech, but also live actors portraying patients, community members, and various types of healthcare providers. Moreover, with the immersion walls we are able to “transform” the spaces into whatever environment we can imagine, from a hectic ER, to a disaster zone, to an airport, to a high school hallway – any situation where health and social care may be necessary. Beyond simulation-based education and training, the IPE Labs also host a series of interdisciplinary and interprofessional programs, courses, seminars, and events.