At the Professional-level (faculty, staff, providers, etc.) CIDER members work closely with key allies at the University of Delaware, Christiana Care Health Systems, and other organizations to provide instructional seminars, panels, retreats, and events related to key issues in health and healthcare.  These programs further develop skills, attributes, and behaviors associated with collaborative and compassionate care, as well as provide (informal/formal) opportunities for health-oriented faculty and healthcare delivery professionals to learn with, from, and about each other.

STAR Health- Conversations in Healthcare, Wellbeing and Prevention

This unique panel series includes internal and external experts from a variety of health and wellbeing industry settings.  This panel aims to deliver relevant and timely practical education in the healthcare industry and is tailored to patients and clinicians. “Conversation” topics include: the transition from childhood to adulthood (aimed at parents), physically, emotionally, and socially “flourishing”, and exploring the patient experience.

Financial Wellbeing Series

This unique seminar series is a partnership between Human Resources, Employee Health and Lerner Faculty. The financial wellbeing series aims to increase financial literacy for employees at the University of Delaware. Topics covered during this series include (but are not limited to): UD’s 403b plan, various types of investment funds and fund management, and diversifying portfolios.

Lifestyle Improvement Sessions

These sessions are aimed at enhancing healthy practices and behaviors associated with eating, sleeping, and exercise, in order to improve overall well-being and physical and mental health. UD faculty in health coaching, nutrition science, exercise physiologist, and sleep science lead participants through programs to help develop targeted goal-setting and sustain their best self.

Mindfulness Retreat

The mindfulness retreat is for University faculty and staff and engages participants in a day immersed in mindfulness – the science, the practice, and the impact. This retreat assists employees in identifying key life-goals and releasing limiting beliefs. The skills and practices
learned during the retreat brings deeper clarity and possibility to life and helps to set intentions and a path forward for the path forward.

Health Care Workforce Curriculum

The University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences was selected by the Delaware Health Care Commission to design and facilitate a learning and re-learning curriculum for health care professionals. The interprofessional, team-based care focused curriculum will help health care providers strengthen competencies in – among other key areas – interprofessional practice, access to resources, care decisions and health information technology. It includes online and in-person components, including didactic lectures from subject experts and simulation exercises from the University’s Healthcare Theatre, a collaborative program of the Department of Theatre in the College of Arts and Sciences and CHS.

With a focus on primary care, the bedrock of patient-centered health care delivery, this extensively collaborative effort has the potential to not only transform how patients receive care, but also their access to care and their health outcomes. Moreover, through effective implementation, we can reduce costs for health care delivery institutions and patients, enhance patient activation and improve patient-provider interactions.