Resources for Graduate Students

Campus Resources

Below are a number of Campus-wide resources completely free and accessible to graduate students to help in various personal and professional areas:

Office of Graduate and Post-Graduate Education

“The Office of Graduate and Post Graduate Education in the College of Engineering develops and implements policies and programs to foster successful graduate student outcomes in our diverse engineering environment with specific emphasis on recruitment, retention, and training of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in engineering and computer science.” On this website you can find a number of helpful resources for various professional inquiries regarding Graduate School. Some examples include application forms (domestic and international), fees and funding, faculty policies, University resources and locations, and all academic, professional, and employment policies.

Office of International Students and Scholars

The OISS is dedicated to providing support and guidance to the International Community at the University of Delaware. On this site you can find resources for new students pre, during, and post-arrival. For current students, a wealth of information regarding tax forms, travel and visas, acquisition of a drivers license and/or state ID, and transferring out or into another program. There are a number of connections you can make with various international students, professors, and advisers that can aid in career searching as well.

Center for Black Culture

The Center for Black Culture works to provide support for and aid in campus-wide cultural diversity and the community. They offer a number of programs that increase awareness, celebration, and understanding of the African Diaspora. The center also works to help black students in optimal utilization of campus resources to maximize their experience at the Univerisity of Delaware.

Student Health Services

The center for SHS aims to provide medical care to undergraduate and graduate students at UD. There are a number of resources on their website for urgent care clinics, men’s and women’s health, health care for drug/substance abuse, and eating disorders.

Counseling Center

The University of Delaware Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD)  (The Counseling Center)  provides confidential, professional mental-health care for all undergraduate and graduate students.  The CCSD has strong group therapy workshop programs, psychiatric services, referral services and individual counseling services. Strategies for improving emotional awareness, stress management, services for depression and anxiety are a few of their services. To get started with counseling you come in during specific triage hours which are offered every day, you do not schedule an appointment for this service, you just come in.   For true emergencies you can walk in anytime during business hours.  The UDHelpline 302.831.1001 is available 24x7x365 to help students with issues and concerns, with the goal of intervening before during or before a crisis develops.  You can expect to wait only 10 minutes for an English speaking counselor, and only 15 minutes if you request to talk to a counselor in another language.

Disability Student Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services provides “academic support, employment opportunities, and…programs for all individuals with disabilities.” The office works to minimize the inaccessibility on campus fro students with disabilities and spread awareness to the University to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for these students.

Career Services

The Career Services Center at the University of Delaware is dedicated to helping all students with career options, employment opportunities, and advice relating to graduate school. The facility contains many connections, professionals, and programs to help engage and empower students follow their academic and professional goals.

UD Police

The UD Police is committed to maintaining a safe, equitable, and relaxing environment for all students. The Police department is always available for contact in any emergency, and is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards of safety and vigilance. This website provides resources including how to report a crime, the various safety measures included on campus, bicycle registration, and protocols for appropriate responses to various threats and crisis situations.

Office of Equity and Inclusion/Title 9

The Office of Equity and Inclusion works to provide a inclusive and diverse environment for all minority groups. The organization monitors affirmative action compliance, creating and managing the non-discrimination policy, supporting diversity initiatives on campus, and regulating and managing all Title 9 affairs. The website includes contact information for meetings, workshop schedules, and an explanation of all policies.

Religious and Spiritual Organizations

This website is the clearinghouse for all religious and spiritual organizations on campus. Each religious from all cultures is listed with contact information. The website also has a list of upcoming religious events occuring on campus.

LGBT+ Center

This website is the hub for LGBT+ advocacy and resources. It offers resources and training for all LGBT+ member and allies. It holds a number of programs throughout the year to advocate and encourage LGBT visibility, rights, and resources

S.O.S. Hotline

University of Delaware Writing Center

The Writing Center is committed to the success of all student at the University of Delaware in both creative and technical writing. Through applying with a valid University email, one can set up appointment with one of the many writing tutors for proofreading help, critiques, and word choice.

UDel Registered Student Organizations(RSO)


EmPOWER Resources

EmPOWER has also compiled lists of resources for positive mental health in response to certain situations.

Resources for Coping with the Coronavirus Shutdown

Resources for trusted health advice and news updates, goal setting and time management, working from home tips, meditation apps/podcasts/tips, physical health ideas (including free apps and videos), social media content to follow for positivity, and general self-care tips.

Black Lives Matter Mental Health Resources

Mental health resources for the Black community including the current services of UD’s Counseling Center (Summer 2020), therapy options for Black students (both local and online, which may be free or discounted), LGBTQ+ resources, and general self-care tips.


Off-Campus Resources

Here are some off-campus resources and ways to find them.

Center for Counseling & Student Development Provider Database

A search tool provided by the CCSD for private mental health care providers near campus. Find the right provider with filters including location, racial or ethnic identity, specialty, insurance, and provider credentials.

Mental Health Global Network

The Mental Health Global Network’s mission is to prioritize mental health at an equivalent level to physical health. Here you can find some resources they’ve compiled specifically for the University of Delaware and the state.

Referral Coordinator

Looking for off-campus resources but want to talk with someone first? Allison Banbury ( is the Counseling Center’s Referral Coordinator. You can meet with her to discuss what you’re looking for and work together to connect with the right people off-campus.

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