EmPOWER Members

Alana Szkodny, Lead Mentor
Research Interests: Protein and cell engineering to improve the production of monoclonal antibodies
Group: Kelvin Lee Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: Cornell University
Hometown: Gladstone, NJ
Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, rock climbing

Email: aszkodny@udel.edu




Matt Becker
Research Interests: Pharmaceutical purification, biophysics of proteins/mAbs, chromatography
Group: Abraham Lenhoff Lab
Year: 2nd
Undergrad: Penn State
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Hobbies: Working out, pickleball, philosophy and economics, beer, most sports
Email: beckerml@udel.edu




Soumitra Bhoyar
Research Interests: Biophysics of Monoclonal Antibodies
Group: Abraham Lenhoff Lab
Year: 2nd
Undergrad: The Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Masters: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Hobbies: Camping, the outdoors, reading
Email: soumi@udel.edu




Sam Cassel
Research Interests: Biomaterials, structured hydrogels, lung fibrosis
Group: April Kloxin Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: Drexel University
Hometown: Chalfont, PA
Hobbies: gardening, art things, petting dogs, reading half a novel, getting up to wash the dishes while watching a movie
Email: secassel@udel.edu




Max Cohen
Research Interests: Computational catalysis, carbon dioxide utilization
Group: Dion Vlachos Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: Cornell University
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Hobbies: Reading, running, creative writing, playing board games, watching movies
Email: maxrc@udel.edu




Samik Das
Research Interests: Genome-editing with CRISPR Cas9 (fun!), targeted drug delivery (more fun!)
Group: E. Terry Papoutsakis Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: UCONN
Hometown: Athens, GA
Hobbies: The Five Fs: Football, Frunning, Food, Family, Friends (HM: fDancing)
Email: samikdas@udel.edu



Mukund Kabra
Research Interests: Phase separation in polymers, dynamic materials
Group: Chris Kloxin Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: University of Minnesota
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Hobbies: I like to read on occasion
Email: kabra@udel.edu





Vinson Liao
Research Interests: Computational catalysis, spectroscopy
Group: Dion Vlachos Lab
Year: 2nd
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Hobbies: Hockey, chess, cooking
Email: liaov@udel.edu





Stevi Matz
Research Interests: Electrochemical separation of CO2, hydrogen exchange membrane fuel cells
Group: Yushan Yan Lab
Year: 3rd
Undergrad: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Hobbies: Ice hockey, hiking, traveling, reading, board games
Email: smmatz@udel.edu




Jen Mills
Research Interests: Complex fluids, rheology, scattering, construction materials
Group: Norm Wagner and Paramita Mondal Labs
Year: 4th
Undergrad: Penn State
Hometown: York, PA
Hobbies: Soccer, music, art, Wawa
Email: jnm@udel.edu




Katie Nelson
Research Interests: Drug delivery, hypertension, maternal-fetal health
Group: Millie Sullivan and Jason Gleghorn Labs
Year: 4th
Undergrad: University of Wyoming
Hometown: Louisville, CO
Hobbies: Soccer, dogs, traveling, Wawa
Email: kmnelson@udel.edu




Robert O’Dea
Research Interests: Block polymers for battery electrolyte applications
Group: Thomas Epps Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: Pitt
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading, traveling
Email: odear@udel.edu




Jian Pan
Research Interests: hydrocarbon upgrading, dehydrogenation, solid oxide fuel cell
Group: Bingjun Xu Lab
Year: 3rd
Undergrad: East China University of Science & Technology
Masters: Fudan University
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, traveling, swimming, gym, painting, piano
Email: jianpan@udel.edu




Sanjana Srinivas
Research Interests: Computational catalysis, multiscale modeling
Group: Dion Vlachos Lab
Year: 2nd
Undergrad: IIT Madras
Hometown: Chennai, India
Hobbies: Reading, poetry, board games, watching movies/documentaries, hiking
Email: sanjana@udel.edu




Zach Stillman
Research Interests: Drug delivery, synthetic vaccines, materials design (metal-organic frameworks)
Group: Cathy Fromen Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Hobbies: Video games, sports, various nerdy things
Email: zstill@udel.edu




Phillip Taylor

Research Interests: Biomaterials, molecular simulations, soft matter, polymer physics
Group: Arthi Jayaraman and April Kolxin Labs
Year: 4th
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Hometown: Cascade, Trinidad and Tobago
Hobbies: Guitar, Netflix, personal finance and investing, traveling
Email: phillipt@udel.edu




Brandon Vance
Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis, sustainability
Group: Dion Vlachos Lab
Year: 2nd
Undergrad: Iowa State University
Hometown: Ames, IA
Hobbies: Competitive boffer sports, weaving chainmail, woodworking, board games
Email: bcvance@udel.edu




Ian Woodward
Research Interests: Aerosol deposition in the lungs, 3D printing
Group: Cathy Fromen Lab
Year: 4th
Undergrad: NC State University
Hometown: Durham, NC
Hobbies: Making things (building, programming, graphic design), listening to podcasts
Email: irw@udel.edu





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