Demo Day!

This past Friday the newest configuration of CHAD’s MAHBS crew went back to the Cannon-Maston house in Seaford, Delaware. The crew went to continue demolition worked conducted previously, and worked with people from the Sussex County land trust, and from the preservation department of Sussex County.

The CHADster’s removed lathe and plaster in four vital corners on the first floor to understand the periodization, removed part of the ceiling in the first floor period one and two rooms, as well as the plaster covering the fireplace in the period two room. During the process of demolition the team made two discoveries. First, the original 1727 mantel had been disassembled and was being used as nailers for the ceiling lathe and plaster! Secondly, we found intact wallpaper in the period two room behind the 1850s layer of lathe and plaster! After Friday we have a better understanding of what the Cannon-Maston house looked liked prior to 1850s.

It was a great day for learning, plus we got to hit stuff!

Catherine Morrissey