“I’m your Huckleberry”

–Doc Holliday


The real star of the trip so far has been the huckleberry. Lets just say that the field crew has huckleberry mania. As wikipedia helpfully tells us, “huckleberries are enjoyed by many mammals, including grizzly bears and humans.”

So far on the trip the crew has had huckleberry ice cream, huckleberry truffles, huckleberry bark, huckleberry beer, huckleberry soda, huckleberry tea, huckleberry wine, huckleberry taffy, huckleberry fudge, huckleberry Italian cream soda, huckleberry licorice, huckleberry jam, huckleberry pie, and huckleberry syrup.

Keep those huckleberries coming!

Kevin tasting his first huckleberry chocolate in West Yellowstone.

Catherine Morrissey

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