Laboratory for Analysis of Cultural Materials

The Laboratory for the Analysis of Cultural Materials, directed by Dr. Chandra Reedy, provides facilities for the study and interpretation of cultural materials from around the world. ¬†Microscopy and other analytical methods combined with ethnographic fieldwork and historical research¬†support the study of objects and building materials made of stone, ceramic, metal, and glass. The Lab’s goals are:

  • to understand rationale and changes over time in ways people make and use material culture
  • to understand fabrication methods, functions, and aesthetic intents and values expressed by material culture
  • to identify mechanisms of deterioration
  • to develop and test new preservation methods and approaches

To inquire about the laboratory activities or to discuss possible projects contact Chandra L. Reedy, the laboratory director.

Example Lab Projects | On-Line Tutorial on Thin-Section Petrography of Stone and Ceramic Cultural Materials*

*for Windows, Mac, and Linux