It was another busy summer for the Fromen lab! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

In July, Emma and Aida attended the CRS in Las Vegas, where they both received recognition for the Best Poster Award in their sessions!

Aida’s poster (left) was titled: “Flow-based membrane technology to engineer T-cells” and Emma’s poster (right) was titled: “Designing Inhalable Particulate Immunotherapies using Relevant In Vitro Models.” Congrats to both of you!

Emily, Saurav & Ian, along with collaborators Yu Feng (OSU) and Jenna Briddell (Nemours) published their computational manuscript in AAPS PharmSciTech as part of the Advances in Drug Delivery by Inhalation – Official Collection from AAPS Inhalation & Nasal Community (INC). The paper is titled: “A pediatric upper airway library to evaluate interpatient variability of in silico aerosol deposition.” Congrats to the team!

Click the icon to the right to check it out!

In August, Prof Fromen and Ian attended the 2023 ISAM Congress in Saarbruken, Germany! It was a great time connecting with members of the aerosol medicine community, as well as sharing our science! Ian represented the Fromen lab with his poster “Development of an in vitro Full-volume Airway Approximation for Assessing Breath-dependent regional aerosol deposition.” Prof Fromen was also busy, completing her term as the ISAM Award Committee chair and helping to host the Women in ISAM luncheon. During this Congress, she was also elected as a board member!

We loved getting to tour the beautiful Saarbruken countryside, plus our pitstop in Paris en route! Looking forward to hosting ISAM 2025 alongside David Cipolla and Lana Lyapustina in the Washington DC area – stay tuned for more info!

Next up for the Fromen lab, we celebrate our rising second year PhD students, who sat for their qualifying exams this August! Congrats to Jodi Graf, Eric Slaughter (both receiving commendations), Spencer Wolfe, and Saiful Roslan on this milestone!

Finally, we congratulate Nicole, Saurav, Ning, and Adhya on a great summer in the lab – we’re excited for all of our awesome undergrads to return this fall! Nicole, Saurav, and Ning will all be completing their Senior research with us – be on the look out for their graduate applications soon!

That’s it for now! We’re excited for the 2023-2024 academic year, which is slated for lots of big changes to the Fromen lab! Stay tuned for more updates and wishing you all a great semester ahead!