Congratulations are in order for some amazing recent accomplishments!

First, congratulations to Kartik Bomb and the whole team for their recent publication in Biomaterials Science: Destructive fibrotic teamwork: how both microenvironment stiffness and profibrotic interleukin 13 impair alveolar macrophage phenotype and function! This work was the culmination of a collaborative research project with the April Kloxin group detailing macrophage responses in fibrotic microenvironments. Check out the paper here. Congratulations to the whole team and also to Prof Fromen; this article is featured in the Biomaterials Science Emerging Investigator Series collection for 2022! Check out the feature about her here.

Congratulations to Emily Kolewe for being recognized as a winner of a Rosalind Franklin Society Award in Science! Emily received this award based on her paper published last year in the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery (Realizing Lobe-Specific Aerosol Targeting in a 3D-Printed In Vitro Lung Model). Check out the anthology of all of the Award winners including Emily which you can access here

Finally, congrats again to Emily Kolewe and the whole team for their recent publication in Computers in Biology and Medicine: Spatial aerosol deposition correlated to anatomic feature development in 6-year-old upper airway computational models! This work details differences in the anatomy of 6- year- old patients and how that influences inhaled drug delivery – it has been a fun collaboration with our computational collaborator, Prof. Yu Feng, and our clinical collaborator, Dr. Jenna Briddell. Congrats to the whole team and check out the paper here.