Congrats to the Fromen lab members for two new publications accepted this past week!

“Biomaterials-Based Opportunities to Engineer the Pulmonary Host Immune Response in COVID-19” was accepted in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. In this review article, we document the current understanding of the immune response in the lung during COVID-19 infection and offer a collection of promising particle engineering strategies as potential therapeutic solutions. Congrats to Bader, Zach, Kartik, April, and Cathy on this publication!

“Check the Gap: Facemask Performance and Exhaled Aerosol Distributions Around the Wearer” was accepted in PLOS ONE. In this work, we demonstrate changes in exhaled aerosol distributions with and without facemasks and showcase how important the fit around the face is for different facemask types. Our most important finding: particle size distributions escaping from gaps around a facemask are on average larger than the normal particle size distribution without a mask – this points to a secondary benefit of wearing a mask where it not only traps particles, but also promotes aerosol evolution into larger particle sizes that can settle out of the airstream faster. So, keep masking up! Congrats to Emily, Zach, Ian, and Cathy on this publication!

Head over to the Publication page for links to the papers, which will be updated as soon as the articles appear online.